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re: The Fallen Protecters Heroic strat (Written Guide)


 Heroic Mode↑top

The Heroic mode of the encounter against The Fallen Protectors is almost identical to the Normal mode, as far as mechanics are concerned.

11.1. Differences From Normal Mode

In addition to all mobs having increased health and dealing increased damage, there are a few changes in mechanics. All of these changes have the same purpose, namely to prevent your raid from not pushing any specific boss into their Desperate Measures phase often enough. In a way, these are soft enrage mechanics, but much like He's soft enrage in Normal mode (Garrote Icon Garrote being undispellable and having unlimited duration, but disappearing when he enters Desperate Measures), they are reset when the respective boss enters Desperate Measures.

  • The travel time of the projectiles fired by Rook's Corrupted Brew Icon Corrupted Brew decreases by 0.5 seconds every two casts. This effect is reset when Rook enters Desperate Measures.
  • The adds that appear during Rook's Desperate Measures now have a shared health pool.
  • The Debilitation Icon Debilitation debuff applied during He's Desperate Measures now reduces armor by 80% for 4 minutes, up from 50% for 2 minutes in Normal mode.
  • Sun's Calamity Icon Calamity deals 10% more of players' maximum health with each cast. This effect is reset when Sun enters Desperate Measures.

11.2. Strategy

The strategy for the fight remains unchanged from Normal mode, by and large. The Heroic mode changes simply mean that you really cannot afford to avoid pushing a boss into Desperate Measures for too long, but if you follow the suggestions we give for defeating the Normal mode, then this should never happen in the first place.

The increase in travel speed for the Corrupted Brew Icon Corrupted Brew projectiles may make some of them unavoidable even if you are not delaying pushing Rook into Desperate Measures, but this must simply be healed through. The fact that Rook's Desperate Measures adds share health has no real implications on the strategy.

Likewise, the increased damage done by subsequent casts of Calamity Icon Calamity must simply be healed through, although we also recommend using raid cooldowns when available.

10-man raids who are starting out their progression on this encounter will find it very beneficial to use 3 tanks, since the damage going around in the fight can be quite high.

While doing the fight following the Normal mode strategy is simple and safe, there is one trick that you can try using if the aforementioned strategy does not work for your raid. Namely, you may find the encounter easier to defeat if you push Sun and He into Desperate Measures at the same time. This is because otherwise, going through Sun's Desperate Measures (and the raid damage that this brings) while the raid is affected by He's Garrote Icon Garrote is very difficult. On the other hand, the Desperate Measures phases are not very difficult, so stacking these two phases to avoid Garrote damage is preferable.

While it might be possible (particularly in 25-man) to have a tank take the Mark of Anguish Icon Mark of Anguish and survive, despite the Debilitation Icon Debilitation debuff having been made more powerful in Heroic mode, we do not advise this strategy. Instead, we advise you to set up a rotation of players who will pass the debuff between themselves until the Embodied Anguish is killed. So, whenever Mark of Anguish is cast, the affected player should wait a few seconds, and then pass the debuff on to the first player in the rotation (who should have moved at maximum range from this affected player). From then on, each subsequent player in the rotation should move at maximum range from the preceding one, and then the debuff should be passed on. By the time the debuff has been passed around between 3-4 players, the Embodied Anguish should be dead.


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re: The Fallen Protecters Heroic strat (Written Guide)


Want to probably look at healing CDs avail for times close to phase changes as it will become much more healing intensive at that point.

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