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re: Darshal Wind-Walker Monk


Thank you for putting in the time to do the application this way!


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re: Darshal Wind-Walker Monk


Real Life First Name/Preferred Nickname:

Real name: Alex

Prefessed Nickname: Darshal






Raid attendance: 

I will be able to attend most, if not all raids. Gotta have a real life some nights =)


Character Name/Class/Server:

Darshal  Wind-Walker monk on hyjal



I am currently Wind-walker . 

I am perfectly fine tanking and have usually tanked on my warrior. I am trying to learn to tank on all possible calsses.



True mastery does not come without research. Most simple questions about my class I go to Icy-veins about but if there is a question I really want answered I'll try to delve into elitist jerks.



To prepare for any fight I don't know I first look up the fight from the perspective of what role I will be playing. If i have time I will watch in the perspective of all the other roles especially where it counts to know how to synergize with the rest of the raid.



I like to keep things simple. I have tried the fancy raid UIs but I often end up getting very confused.

I keep the basic proc warnings for my class that otherwise would be difficult to track.


Previous guild: 

I am the raid leader for Malicious Mischief-Hyjal but the end of the expansion has brought poor attendance so I tagged along with Tigerstrpes.


Previous Experience:

I was a noob in BC knowing almost nothing and being carried through BT. Wrath I became the main tank for my guild and we cleared every raid tier before the next with the exception of Ulduar. In cata I was the maintank for the guild until Dragon soul where I took a long hiatus until SoO was released in Mop. I have cleared 14/14 normal and made attempts of a few of the heroic bosses before we stopped raiding.


Other Classes:

I know a decent amount about frost/blood DKs and have played a warrior in all specs for 7 years.


I am fine with using my mic in mumble.




processor: intel core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz


video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555


I do not have frequent connection issues.


I know Tigerstrpes in the guild.


I would like to join because it's fun raiding and gambling with a pug group every week doesn't sound like much fun.


Standing out: 

To make a difference while playing my class I like to always improve upon my last time doing a fight. When getting more gear it's usually an excuse to be a little nicer to the fingers hitting the keys. It's fun to master something but there's always more to learn. one step between some adds can completely change dps. 



I am a to-be coder learning C#, Java, Javascript, and SQL. My personal hobbies outside of WoW are blacksmithing and fishing.



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